Pothole Repair

Potholes are unsightly, a nuissance to drivers and can be dangerous.

Patchwork basics

When water seaps into pavement through cracks or existing potholes, it contracts and expands causing further damage.   When left untreated, the water and also weight of cars begins to further erode the surface making the problem worse.  We employ a few strategies to patch these holes depending on the severity and condition of the surface.  Once treated, a water tight seal is created that bonds to the existing concrete and prevents further damage.

For severe damage over a larger surface area, we generally recommend remove and replace patching.  This is where we sawcut into the surface to remove the damage and replace it with fresh substrate.  For smaller and more superficial damage, we recommend skin patching which is less expensive and will last between one to three years.

It’s best to take care of potholes before they cause even more damage than they should.  This will further delay more expensive repairs or even having to replace the whole surface.  Once the cracks are filled and the potholes patched, it’s best to sealcoat the area.  This will make the surface stronger, more beautiful, and more functional.

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