Sealing your driveway or parking lot has numerous advantages.

Cornerstone Sealcoating has the expertise to beautify your lot or driveway and do it for a reasonable price.  

Over time oil, gas, salt, water, and UV rays can take their toll on asphalt.  Sealcoating resists the wear and tear of all of these.  Sealing asphalt surfaces provides a barrier of defense against the harsh elements and strengthens it’s properties.

Sealing driveways and lots with a layer black sealant makes them look new and projects a positive image.  For business it can add a sense of professionalism.  For residential driveways, it enhances the look of the whole property and can even help a house to sell faster.

Unsealed surfaces require repairs much faster than treated surfaces.  Cost savings are 50% to 65% over the life of the pavement.  By spending a little on maintenance every two or three years, you prevent bigger expenses in the near future and prolong the life of your asphalt by 300%!

We believe in making asphalt not only beautiful but highly functional.  Sealed pavement is more pliable and able to withstand the abuses of nature and traffic.  It also sheds snow and ice quicker resulting in a more usable surface.

 Sealcoating provides a protective layer of sealant on top of your asphalt that resists external damage, makes it look new, and saves you money in the long run.  We are constantly looking to improve not only our service but the products we use.  Instead of cutting corners or diluting sealant, we go for premium products and technology.  Cornerstone uses state of the art coal-tar emulsion sealants with extra additives resulting in a finish that’s longer lasting, stronger, and better looking.

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