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Cornerstone seals asphalt and concrete. Here's what we offer:

Sealcoating provides a protective barrier against sunlight, water, salt, oil, and other harsh substances that can damage your asphalt.  Not only will it look amazing, but it will last much longer as well.

Breathe new life into your garage with our professionally installed epoxy floors.  They’re beautiful, durable, and affordable.  We work with vinyl flakes, metallics, and all sorts of colors to bring you a totally custom floor that you can enjoy for decades.

Your parking lot is the first things customers see.  Clearly visible and sharp markings not only look more professional but are much safer.  Cornerstone can help you breathe new life into your parking lot.

Potholes are a hazard for vehicles, pedestrians, and they also look bad.  Left untreated these holes will continue to deteriorate, causing more problems in the future.  Patching the holes is quick, cost effective, and safer for everyone.

Over time, changes in temperature and pressure cause asphalt to contract and expand resulting in cracks.  Filling these cracks prevents water from getting in and causing further damage.  This is a major step in prolonging the life of asphalt.


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